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Jul 24, 2020

At some point ALL children need support to learn a task or follow a routine.  Cleaning up their toys, getting dressed in the morning, or braving anxiety to enter their classroom are just a few examples of tasks that may require coaching for children with OR without special needs.  Even an older child may need support (but not rescuing) to complete a complex chore like cleaning up a really messy room.  Sometimes children act out with tantrums or other negative behaviors when faced with tasks that overwhelm them.  These tasks can be broken down and simplified with the help of social stories.  With routine building and positive reinforcement you can coach your child through a learning a routine and help them along the road to independent task completion.   

Rebecca puts a fun spin on her useful tips.   You may hear something that you want to try, have a laugh, or at least know you aren't alone in your parenting challenges.   Drop Rebecca a line at or leave a message on our voicemail line (650)880-1155.  Follow us on Instagram or Twitter at parentingaaah.  Stay positive!!